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Baskets and luggage
Bathroom accessories
Bedroom accessories
Books, cards, maps, newspapers
Cleaning equipment
Cooking equipment
Dinnerware, jugs, teapots
Fireside items
Food, drinks, containers
Hall and office items, telephones
Hobbies and entertainment
Home decor, clocks, pictures, mirrors
Pets, other animals, accessories
Shop equipment
Sports equipment
Toys and games
Workshop tools and ladders
Xmas and Halloween

Garden tools
Cut flowers
Flowers in pots
Other plants
Ground cover
Other items

Building components
Balustrades, spindles, railings
Ceiling paper and roses
Doors, shutters, pediments
Flooring, carpets, rugs
Roofing shingles
Wall coverings inside and out
Windows and window decorations
Wood mouldings
Other materials and tools

Bathroom, Toilet and Laundry
Bedroom and Nursery
Kitchen and dining room
Living room
Outside furniture

Ceiling and hanging lights
Table and floor lights
Wall lights
1:24 scale lights
LED components

Miscellaneous Items

Clear Plastic Sheet 0.030 - $5.50
Good for making Sun Catchers, Windows, Ornaments, Shaker Boxes, Canopies, Frames, Die Cut, Display Cases. Price is for one sheet unlike the picture
Width: 21 cm Height: 28.5 cm
Item number 309704

30 cm of Plaster cloth - $2.00
For modeling lightweight land contours and terrain base
Item number 309804

Rustall - $15.00
For simulating rust on metal, styrene, cast resin, and even paper.
Item number 309819

Circle Spring-loaded Clay Cutter - 1/2 inch - out of stock
Item number 309705

Circle Spring-loaded Clay Cutter - 3/8 inch - $6.00
Item number 309706

Circle Spring-loaded Clay Cutter - 4/16 inch - out of stock
Item number 309707

Circle Spring-loaded Clay Cutter - 5/16 inch - out of stock
Item number 309708

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